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In this year, 2020, our personal freedoms, environment, and biodiversity have become critically endangered by our mismanagement of global resources. Living Earth Solutions has come to shift that paradigm for the next generations. By sharing proven ways to live in prosperity.  Dont let crisis end your dreams or way of life.  Step up for you and your family.

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Science and technology have constructed clear, abundant, accessible opportunities for empowering living - opportunities that have never before existed in our world. It has provided the stimulus for a new spiritual age, like the world, has never seen before, We need the response and guidance of spirit-led individuals during such a time of radical transition and critical states of the environment


We are a Living Earth Ministry fueled by solutionaries, bridging regenerative solutions for the earth, body and communities.


We offer Regenerative Opportunities of Interest (ROIs)through alliances with solution-based organizations and the activation of our open-source Prosperity Plans.




We believe it is a Universal Law that solutions to all global problems exist today. Furthermore, we believe that nature is the best kind of Teacher and by enhancing our time, energy and relationship to it, we can heal the world.

We have attracted, identified and developed a treasure chest of relationships with organizations throughout the world who have solutions to fulfill the mission for a sustainable Earth. These Prosperity Plans create abundance for communities and include:

  • Organic Food Growing Systems

  • Bio Architecture

  • Water Purification

  • Alternative Energy

  • Energy Healing Technology

  • Hemp & Cannabis Cultivation

  • A Sushi Menu providing over 100 regenerative business models

​If you have a solution, and would like to discuss it with us - please contact us.


eco villages

The future will continue to foster the global movement of "reinhabiting the village". Where ancient wisdom and modern  alternative technologies combine to create wonderful, healthy environments and lifestyles for people of all ages.  This movement will protect our children's children.

The experience of living in a  harmonious community effectively accomplishes the goal and mission of the ministry in our daily life. Living, loving and being in service to one another; offering healthy, peaceful, prosperous and meaningful Opportunities to become the Way-showers.



Serving from LOVE

The Living Earth requests us to shift our perspective, and gain deep spiritual understandings of who we are in relation to the Planet. We believe in an emphasis on right relation to our-self, others and the Earth.  We further believe our ancestors/elders came here to remind us our true divine nature as sovereign beings.

Today, we see science and spirituality prove that we really are connected, and thus "All One." This instills a profound respect, admiration and awe for all life, which will restore a cellular remembrance of our interconnections. This realization will help humanity to break down its barriers of division and truly embrace peace and unity. Through love and compassion we can heal our broken world, and usher in a better future for the next 7 generations.

Live, Love And Serve. 




Living Earth Solutions is cultivating the spirit of contributionism, as each one teaches one - many hands make light work.

We stand in the gap between investors, philanthropists and high impact opportunities. We are evolving our ministry to include opportunities which help people, environment and planet.

Investment begins, and ends with relationships.  The ministry offers us a safe place to discuss responsible ideas, technologies and possibilities. 

We have a Prosperity Portfolio of well researched opportunities in alignment with our mission and values. Each of them will help humanity and the Earth in a measurable, and scalable way.

Visit our Prosperity Portal to explore more ways to play with regeneration.

Living Earth Solutions is a non-profit ministry graciously accepting donations! Thank you for your support!!



“In order to change an existing paradigm you do not struggle to try and change the problematic model. You create a new model and make the old one obsolete. That, in essence, is the higher service to which we are all being called.” – Buckminster Fuller

Our Play with Prosperity Program  is designed to work with you from where you are. We created a ministry/non profit, and several for-profit vehicles to bring this to life. It is the core of what we believe we are here to do, and is truly an Ecosystem of Solutions. A duplicate-able model for any lifestyle which creates abundance at every level - financial, social and spiritual, etc.

We have identified  real world technologies, companies and strategic partnerships that want to work with each other to fulfill a global need for scalable, self-sufficient and regenerative business models. 

We call this a drip economy.  Everyone who opts in gets a drip of what is produced on the lands.  

The results of this e can end homelessness and hunger. Provide clean drinking water,  clean air, good medicine, safe environments and affordable shelters to communities worldwide.

See Solutions for examples, and contact us to get involved.



Like many ministries the focus is on a higher power, so is ours, although we do not feel it is our job to define or name that power.  We have come to agree that many faiths have merit, wisdom, and knowledge to share and due to that we explore the pages and teachings of many.  We invite you to share your highest and to feel free to practice whatever thou want, as long as it harms none.  You will see our current Universals Truth section on the website. 


a Grand Experiment

We believe the call to adventure is the greatest call one may feel in his/her lifetime.  It's this inner call which carries us to new heights within ourselves and often leads us to experiences we never imagined possible.


Today, the world doesn't really need the next million dollar Granola Bar, catchy gadget, or lucrative iPhone App.  The world needs pioneers & entrepreneurs willing to cast off the bow lines from the safe harbor and go where none have gone before.

We believe this is what we are offering at New Earth Solutions. There is so much more under the surface of this ministry, and what we need are brave souls willing to participate in this grand experiment. Let us share it with you.


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We believe in the good things coming...

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