Welcome future Ambassadors. 

Ambassadors are choosing to participate in regenerative lifestyles.  We have a range of prosperity plans that Ambassadors can choose from to create the value aligned lifestyle.

We have different opportunities depending on how involved you would like to be with Living Earth Solutions.

  1. If you would like to design your Prosperity Portfolio to represent different aligned companies and start to see a return on your investment from anywhere in the world. We invite you to become a Ambassador.

  2.  Become a apart of the community as a Member. Engaging opportunities in working with lands and communities to embody specific roles that are desired for more prosperous systems to activate. This looks like an apprenticeship and master level opportunity where certain needs are met (such as food, energy, water and housing), and people are able to learn a new skill.  Then as a part of giving back to the community, the apprentice becomes the mentor to a new apprentice to continue the lineage of the Living Library.

If you have anything to add to our prosperity portal we are excited to hear from you. If you are still wanting more information click on the learn more button