Living Earth Solutions is free to join, but not free to benefit from, we ask all Members to contribute a one time Donation/contribution to support the organization. 

1 year Minimum of Active Membership

The following is an outline of Membership

Stage 1:
Visitor - 1 Week - Orientation
Tell us your vision, who you are, what skill-sets you bring.

Stage 2: 
Lil Brother / Lil Sister - 1 Month - Be part of what we are part of
We will share our projects, you tell us how you can contribute and where you want to opt in.

Stage 3:

Member - Tax Exempt 5% Tithe - We do request a one time lifetime membership fee of $250 to cover administrative costs. This is a donation, which is not intended to be a barrier of entry at all (we accept Cryptocurrency) or you can plug into our prosperity plans and create a smart contract that contributes a portion of the compensation from Activated plans.

Stage 4:
Steward - These are our community leaders and land owners.  They have land and are willing to step into a leadership role and assume responsibility. This is the level where you may join in a round table council of other leaders, ministers and organizations having conversations on the bigger picture to begin designing your prosperity property. 

Stage 5:
Minister - Must be a member first. 


  1. Sovereign- World Citizens

    1. "The will of the people shall be the basis of the authority of government..."Article 21(3), Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

  2. Land Trust- We all have a sacred trust to the future to stir those echoes in ourselves and others and perhaps, most importantly, to inspire stewardship. ~Sacred Land Trusts "Essays on Stewardship..." By Michael Katakis

  3. Individual Trust- Personal trusts are separate legal entities that have the authority to buy, sell, hold and manage property for the benefit of their beneficiaries.

  4. Auxiliary - You can form your own auxiliary arm that does whatever you would like to do.

  5. For Profit Arm - Under the umbrella of the Ministry. We would either help you develop your LLC for profit company that would report its earnings to the ministry and then tithe a percentage (individual smart contracts/agreements can be developed) We can also bring your company under our 508c1 umbrella.


You Want To Participate:

Actively participate in co-creating The Ministry as a Member or Ambassador

Offer your gifts, talents and skills to this community and process

You Are Ready to Embody Your Life Work:

Deeply commit to being in process and bringing your larger vision to life

Be supported in doing your soul work in the world, have opportunity to be apart of the drip economy developing multiple streams of income.

You Can Give Your Time:

Help to Template/Design evolutionary communities and business portals that Play with Prosperity.

10-15 hrs/mo

If you are interested in becoming a Member of Living Earth Solutions:

  1. You will complete the Intent To Join process

  2. Schedule a meeting with a Living Earth Solutions Director/Staff Member

  3. Create your profile to be listed in the Membership Directory