The Living Library

Cultivating a Spirit of Contributionism

We’re co-creating community beyond borders with aligned-value share holders, cultivating a spirit of contributionism by incentivizing regenerative solutions. 

We value and honor Life, GAIA, and all her creation.

We are the currency of the Living Library - where we cultivate, propagate and share our gifts with the collective through the Seeds, Stones, Stories and Songs.

We exchange Seeds Of Light ((SOL)) to nourish the Soil/Soul.

SOL is a gifting currency of the Living Library. We are currently open to receiving the following resources for our various prosperity plans ( listed below ) and in exchange would love to nourish your soul by gifting you SOL, which you can redeem for various offerings within the ever expanding community we are co-creating together.

We are weaving various opportunities between various intentional zones that encourage

  • self-reflection,

  • co-creation,

  • regenerative investment opportunities and

  • expansion services to support your journey of regeneration.


The Living Library is where we return to recognize and remember our Values and give them a Voice through our swirling council made of solution-oriented representatives from all ages and walks of life.


We welcome a systems-design approach to living in harmonious relations to regenerative lifestyles - co-creating community aligned on shared values, connecting global and activating local. 


We accomplish this by strengthening the systems that already exist, and fill in between the gaps.

Our community is focused on inspiring regenerative action through our Living Lighthouse sanctuaries.


Viewed through the Living Documentary, we share the stories of the earth and her children. 

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