Opening the 

Eyes of the World...

The Living Documentary

We are living in an unprecedented time... 

With the access to the internet and technology, we can turn our cameras ON and record

her-story - the story of the voiceless. 


Up until now, history has been written by the winners... Carefully crafted to continue control in the hands of a few. 


Oral traditions have been suppressed... The stories of stewardship, interconnectedness, empowerment, and Sovereignty. 


This is the story of the earth. 


These are the stories of her people. 


This is the story of LIFE. 

One of our missions is to support youth-led film projects by gifting them the supplies and 

mentorship they need to give them a platform to express themselves 


You can learn more about our organization by viewing our slidebean [include link for our opportunity deck//prosperity plans for donors, ambassadors and sponsors] 

Filmmakers are coming together to copyleft and open-source materials to create collaborative works..


If you're a film-maker and want to contribute to the Living Documentary >>> Join Us

The Living Documentary is part of the Living Library archives made of Story, Stone, Song, and Seed. 

Image by Jakob Owens

This is a huge opportunity and responsibility we have to Future Generations 

And to the Earth... 


To capture the many perspectives through Eyes of the World 


And share the stories that have been lost... Until Now. 


Join Us in Reclaiming Our Stories. 

Would you like to become an Activator for the Living Documentary? 


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We appreciate your Donations for

The Living Documentary! 

We are currently open to receive support through funding, camera supplies and computers to support the youth and indigenous peoples in sharing their stories.


This Project Is In Service to Gaia and her Creation

If this vision is in alignment to your own... 
We are open for support and collaboration.