Food Soil Resource Web

We are currently mapping out the EcoScape, and each person can help orient themselves to their own bioregion by creating their own map. 

We have created a template for you to use - you are welcome to fill yours out and share relevant information back to our global mapping efforts. This is extremely important as we birth ourselves from “me to We”, becoming aware of the collective awakening and our impact when we use the tools available to us to assist in 

  • facilitating communication through various focused action groups

  • Culturing connection through shared values to achieve greater impact - in alignment integrity and harmony 

  • Co-creating a culture of contributionism through the Living Library - endowed by the wisdom council, we direct where our assets and resources are of the highest benefit for the regeneration of the Living Earth.

WE ALL HAVE A VOICE, INTENT, AND WILL. Let’s direct it - together.

Join our membership to contribute to our collective mapping initiatives.

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