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I am the Divine in the flesh. I am a humble servant of humanity. I am a reflection you 🙏

founder of the Peace Love & Unity Movement 


Solutionary - Systems Design - Visionary


Brittney Johnson has traveled the world studying regenerative solutions for communities and the earth through living in eco-villages, farm stays, and earth-centered, indigenous rooted gatherings. She founded a regenerative consulting agency, Triple Bottom Line, supporting our transformation of the business EcoScape. She also founded Fruit The World —  an organization focused on building the soil to nourish your SOL​ through planting seeds aligned with nature’s laws and design. 

As she was studying solutions early on her journey, she became very ill, and had to find her way back to her center, to Ignite the Healer Within.

She also stewards The Roots Project, a platform created to connect with indigenous peoples and share their beautiful gifts with the rest of the world, while providing these communities the resources and skills they need to strengthen their communities and livelihoods.

Brittney loves working with Living Earth Solutions as its allowed her to pursue her life's passions in working with the earth in Right Relations.

Jonah Martin Lion

I am Jonah Martin Lion, and I am one with Earth, the ROC that sustains me. She is my Mother who nurtures Nature perfectly.  

I am a father of one, a son of two, and a brother to all life. I am a Kinesiologist, Co-Director of New Earth Solutions, theta healer, visionary, and first responder.

My SOL purpose is freedom and oneness.

Life has blessed me with a strong foundation in family with deep ancestral roots, which passed down wisdom through education and self-discovery.  Growing up as an interracial child of humanitarians and activists within the community also reflected in the name I was given, named after Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  

I directly observed and experienced the inequalities of our society and how we as a people stand up for justice and freedom.  My path has taught me how to empower myself, and others, physically, occupationally, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.  I love Nature and commune with all of life with the intention of service to the collective in a sustainable and prosperous way and am dedicated to bridging the old with the new by way of unity consciousness.


“We are One, people

Avatars of the New Earth’s

Solutions for Peace.”



Co Director

Aeon Pi Phlo

Managing Director and  Resonant Systems Architect & Planetary Engineer. I work with Groups/inventors and world changers that wish to make sustainable changes in Community, Economy, Health, Food, Clean Drinking water to whole planet by 2020, Permaculture, Ecological Restoration, Ocean Clean up and the wellness field both with Alternative medicines and Leading edge innovations and practices/treatments

Specialties: Negotiations, Networking, Sustainable Research and Development/Design, Project Management, Private Liaison, Creating Collaborations and Regenerative Co operatives.

Managing Director

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